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Welcome to GrayZone, Inc.

The Story of GrayZone

International Anti-Piracy Services

GrayZone specializes in high-tech Internet investigations involving bootleg, counterfeit, and pirated product. In the early days, GrayZone was dubbed the "bootbusters" of the entertainment industry.

Our clients include record labels, music publishers, computer software companies, law firms, investigative agencies, recording artists, producers and fashion designers. GrayZone has fostered long-term and amicable relationships with leading Internet Service Providers, international anti-piracy agencies, and popular websites, which enables us to remove infringing product on a moment's notice.

GrayZone, Inc. was founded in 1995 by its Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Sherman. Dorothy believed that a cost-effective investigative, paralegal and internet technology research practice of the highest quality could be established in a creative and stimulating environment. Dorothy is a graduate of Oakland University, New York University and Naropa Institute of Arts. She previously worked at MTV Networks and Home Box Office in legal and business affairs.

In 2003, Douglas Kassem joined the team and currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer. Doug, a graduate of Columbia University, is GrayZone's cutting edge IT scientist and all around "Mission Impossible" problem solver. Learn more >>

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Anti-Piracy, Copyright & Trademark News - Just In

Hoverboards with counterfeit batteries seized at NY airport More than a thousand hoverboards seized at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport were powered by counterfeit batteries that were potentially dangerous, U.S. customs officials said on Friday, highlighting concerns about the safety of the trendy devices. Read more >>

US Commerce Department wants courts to be kinder, gentler to file sharers Works of "minimal commercial value" should get a "lower award." A US Department of Commerce task force recommended Thursday that Congress alter the Copyright Act in a bid that likely would reduce financial damages for file sharing copyright scofflaws. Read more >>

50 Cent doesn't have to share 'I Get Money' money with Georgia rapper, appeals court decides Score one for 50. A federal appeals court ruled a Georgia rapper who wanted to get money for 50 Cent's hit "I Get Money" doesn't have a case. Read more >>

Who's investigating fake Chinese goods? Fake investigators The woman called herself Flaming Lee, an English name she picked when she was 10 years old, long before she got into the dirty business of counterfeit goods. Her job as a private investigator sometimes took her to client meetings at Dubai's seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel. Otherwise, she lived in apparent simplicity. Read more >>

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